About/Contact Dynamic Uno

The Dynamic Uno (aka Heather) is a single girl living in the big metropolis of Tampa Bay, Florida with her crazy cat named Madison (aka Maddie, brat, crazy child, and other unmentionable names) who enjoys watching the television.

As an avid reader, the Dynamic Uno started teaching English in the public school system over 12 years ago.  After being in the classroom for about 5 years, she finally realized that connecting readers with books was her passion, so she decided to become a librarian instead.  Having already been in the school system, she decided to stay and now works at the high school level, although she has worked at the elementary, middle, and sort of college levels too.

When she's not working, the Dynamic Uno can usually be found curled up with Madison, a large pot of tea, and a good book.  What's her favorite book you ask?  Why, the one she's currently reading.

To Contact:

If you're a nasty spammer, please take me off your list, I'm not interested.  Thanks!

Useless Facts and Bits of Information:

I love to travel although I don't have the budget to do so at the moment.

I want to live in France, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, England, and Germany.  I'm sure there will be other countries, but for now I think these countries are a good start.

I was almost born in a helicopter because I was premature and they had to airlift my mother to a hospital that dealt with preemies.  I was a whopping 2 lbs./ 2 ozs. when I was born.

When I was little, I would sneak into the living room late at night and watch the "classics" and "black and white" movies while everyone else was asleep.  Cary Grant was my first official crush and I wanted to be as graceful as Ginger Rogers when I danced.

I prefer plain M&Ms and I love to eat them when I go on car trips.

I'm still waiting for Prince Charming to show up and whisk me off to his castle in the highlands (after we're married of course) to live out my dream of reading and doing crafts all day.

I cannot type so my posts always have misspelled words, even though I was the spelling bee champ in elementary school and I run the spell-checker.