Thursday, February 19, 2015

YouTube Thursday

Today is a bittersweet day for me.  My grandmother passed away Monday afternoon and her funeral is today.  I'm excited for her to no longer be in excruciating pain, but I'm also selfish because I still wish she was here--I still have so many things to learn.  I know I'll see her in Heaven within a blink of an eye, but I miss her already.  I thought this song by Matthew West was appropriate for today:

Save a Place for Me

The sweet part is that I will be running the Disney Princess Half Marathon this weekend and I will be leaving for Orlando right after her funeral and burial services.  My grandfather gave me permission to go, so I'm going to do my best so I can make them both proud.  I am sad that my aunt will not be joining me--we had great plans for this trip--but I know she wants to stay with my grandfather to help him cope with this sudden loss. So, if you happen to be at Disney this weekend and see me wandering around, stop by and say hi, I would love to meet you!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Soul Searching Sundays

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I still have not received any prayer requests or praise reports, so today I am focusing on my own personal prayer requests.

Lord, I'm praying for my family right now. I pray that my Nanny understands that it's okay to leave us and go to Heaven with you.  We've all said our goodbyes and have let her know that we will be fine and that we will take care of Papaw, but Lord, she's still fighting to stay here with us and it's tearing Papaw apart.

Lord, please help her to take her final breath so that he is no longer tortured and thinking that she is in pain.  Lord, I know this is devastating for him, but he is exhausted, as we all are, and I think it will give him peace to know that she is with you.

Lord, I pray for the rest of the family.  My mom, aunt, cousins, and other family members who are dealing with the strain of death.  Lord, I pray that you give them peace about her passing and wrap your arms of love and protection when we have to deal with the aftermath of her death.

Lord, thank you for being here with us as we go through this painful time of loss.  Thank you for being merciful and ending the suffering as quickly as possible. 

I ask all of this in your most precious name. Amen.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

YouTube Thursday

Well this week has officially stunk and continues to do so!
I really need to rely on the Lord, but I also think that sometimes I just need to take the advice of Mercy Me and their song-Shake:

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Soul Searching Sunday

Dear Lord,

Thank you for everything you have done in my life and the lives of others.  Thank you for all of the blessings that I take for granted--my health, home, family, and job--especially since there are so many people who are out of a job and searching, homeless and having to deal with horrible weather at this time of year, people with failing health or the failing health of loved ones.  Thank you for constantly being my provider--you have given me so much when so many others have so little.  Thank you for being my source of hope when I am in need.

Lord, there are so many people out there who are hurting and need your arms of love and protection wrapped around them.

I pray that the people who are going through family issues and the possibility of divorce find comfort in you Lord.  I pray that you ease their worries and remind them that they are loved-even when they don't feel so lovable in their situations. I pray that you reconcile relationships and mend the rifts between family members.

Lord, I pray for those individuals who have ailing health.  Whether it be the diagnosis of cancer, or even something as simple as a common cold, I pray that you health their infirmaries and make their immune systems stronger than before.  I pray that you touch their bodies with your healing power and cast out the sickness that is within them.

Lord, I also pray for those that are going through the battle of depression.  Help them to come to you as their source of light and hope, as you have been mine.  I pray that those individuals seek help and that you provide a way for them to beat back the shadows of oppression so that they can be rid of them from their lives.

Lord, I pray for those who are hurting financially.  I pray that you help them find a job so they are able to provide and support their families--to pay off their debits and creditors, and finally live a life of financial freedom.  I pray for those that have the stress of debt and feel suffocated by the mountain of bills they have.  I pray that you lead them through their rocky road and help them to see that you are the light at the end of their tunnel, and that you will provide so that they can stand free financially.

Lord, there are so many unspoken needs out there, but you know every single one.  Lord, you know the desires of our hearts and you long to provide your best in our lives.  Help us to be patient and discern your will so that we may be obedient to you and the path you will lead us on.

Thank you for all you have done and will do for us Lord.  Thank you for dying on the cross, so that if we accept you as our Lord and Savior, believe that you died on the cross for our sins, and confess our sins to you, that you will make us clean and holy and pure.

Lord, thank you for a beautiful day today and I pray that we all have a wonderful week ahead.  I ask all these things in your most precious name.


Do you have a prayer request or a praise report?  I am committed to praying for everyone weekly-whether by name, or anonymously and giving God the glory when He answers prayers.