Sunday, February 15, 2015

Soul Searching Sundays

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I still have not received any prayer requests or praise reports, so today I am focusing on my own personal prayer requests.

Lord, I'm praying for my family right now. I pray that my Nanny understands that it's okay to leave us and go to Heaven with you.  We've all said our goodbyes and have let her know that we will be fine and that we will take care of Papaw, but Lord, she's still fighting to stay here with us and it's tearing Papaw apart.

Lord, please help her to take her final breath so that he is no longer tortured and thinking that she is in pain.  Lord, I know this is devastating for him, but he is exhausted, as we all are, and I think it will give him peace to know that she is with you.

Lord, I pray for the rest of the family.  My mom, aunt, cousins, and other family members who are dealing with the strain of death.  Lord, I pray that you give them peace about her passing and wrap your arms of love and protection when we have to deal with the aftermath of her death.

Lord, thank you for being here with us as we go through this painful time of loss.  Thank you for being merciful and ending the suffering as quickly as possible. 

I ask all of this in your most precious name. Amen.

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