Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hmmm...Something to think about......

Your Inner Child Is Scared

Like a kid, you tend to shy away from new experiences.

You prefer what's tried and true - novelty is scary!

New foods, new places, and new friends are difficult for you to deal with.

Some say you're predictable, but you enjoy being comfortable.

I must admit that at first I was shocked at this result of my "inner child." However, after reflecting on the things that happened during my childhood, I now absolutely agree with the label. (After all, if most people had been around for my childhood, they would be scared too!)

Now I wonder what this says about my adult life? Am I still scared as an "adult" to try new things-to remain in a comfort zone? I have to disagree. In fact, I am more of a change-agent. Like it or not, when I'm around, change WILL happen. (Although maybe if I reflect on why I like change, I would find that I'm scared to have a comfort zone. That change means I don't have to face the reality of what is really happening in my life. Hmmmm....something to think about....actually I'm going to bring it up to God and see what His take is on the matter.

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