Sunday, August 26, 2007

My "Relaxing" Weekend

I was supposed to use this weekend to relax so that I would have enough energy to deal with the children tomorrow. (Yes, I'm going back for me a glutton for punishment...) Unfortunately, relaxing wasn't exactly what I managed to accomplish.

Since my dryer decided to try and catch fire several weeks ago, I FINALLY left a message at the repair shop on Friday afternoon. Brian Johnson returned my call that same evening and said that he could be here early Saturday morning! (At first I was a little bummed because I had planned on sleeping until noon, but hey...I could always take a nap--especially if it meant my dryer was fixed!)

So, I spent Friday evening cleaning my apartment since it looked like a hurricane had come through--without the water damage! I put away my clothes that had finally air-dried, cleaned the bathroom (in case he needed to use it), swept and vacuumed the shoebox, and picked up what I could. I promptly fell asleep on Madison's new scratching post BEFORE 8pm. (So much for a wild Friday night!)

Saturday, I woke up early so that I would have time to make my bed, eat, take a shower, and do all of my morning things before he arrived between 8am and 9 am. I was SOOOO tired! (Thankfully my dryer is now fixed and I can have clean AND dry sheets, as well as underwear whenever I feel like it!!!!)

After he left, I decided to start getting things ready for the HUGE garage sale I'm having next week at my parents' house. I only made it through part of my scrapbooking things before my Mom called and wanted to know if I wanted to go out to eat for my birthday on Saturday or Sunday? (So much for my nap!) I decided that Saturday would be better, and I took some of the boxes down to my car to take to their house. We met at Olive Garden where we had dinner. My niece was there too....

Here are our "Monkey Faces"....

In any case, it was monsooning again as I drove home, so I finally made it up the stairs, changed into my PJs and was in bed again around 8:30 pm.

Today I decided to go to church "online." I stayed in my PJs until noon and I surfed the web where I decided to join another reading challenge. Yes, I know that I said I didn't like to join challenges because of the lists that I feel like I have to stick to, but this one's different...

There are no lists, I just read any book I feel like, whenever I get the urge. I LOVE this challenge because it lets me off of the hook. I have tons of books just sitting on the shelf that I want to read, but I haven't because I try to get everything else read that I have to read because of work. Here's my out! Yippee!!!! If you want to join, click here to sign up.

I've also been going through things today for the garage sale. I'm scared that I'm not going to have everything ready in time. The hardest part is that I have SO much stuff that I don't know if I'll be able to get it all over there in time. I also have some furniture that I have to figure out how to get there. I'm hoping that my Dad will bring his truck over so that we can move it that way. It's really only a table and a small cabinet that I'd been keeping my DVD's in, so it's not a lot, but I can't get them down the stairs on my own.

I also need to continue to rearrange the shoebox so that Madison's new scratching post will fit in better. After cleaning out one of the corner's from all of the craft stuff, I actually feel like I can breathe a little better. It's true about clutter--you have to get rid of it so that you can truly be free!

I need to get things ready to go back to work tomorrow, so I'll sign off now. Until next time...

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