Monday, March 31, 2008


I know--I'm horrible about giving updates on prayer requests--although Nadine is STILL going through the backlash of her car accident and STILL going through physical therapy, but I'm not talking about her right now.

I'm a little behind on my posting due to my Internet situation, but I found out through email that one of our fellow bloggers--Kristy--desperately needs our prayers. Her husband drowned on Easter Sunday. It's bad enough that her husband died at all, but to have it on a day of celebration and remembrance is even worse. She's understandably angry with God right now, so if you could please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, I know she would greatly appreciate it.

While nowhere on the scale of the first request, please pray for the Pearson family. They ALL have that nasty bug going around--yep, if you have kids or work with them you know what I'm talking about...THAT nasty bug. Please pray for quick healing and the energy to get through their days.

Please pray for our Vacation Bible School week at church. I've volunteered to be an "Island Guide" this year for 4th graders--I know, WHAT was I thinking?--but please pray that we get enough volunteers. We're expecting over 2,000 kids--yep, that's 3 zeroes there, and they need more help!

Pray for my family members--we're all going through rough times at work right now with possible layoffs and of course the normal drudgery. Please pray that we keep our focus and our joy.

Hmm..maybe I should start a weekly prayer request list so I can pray for you too. If you know how to set one up, let me know and I'll get it started (provided my Internet doesn't drop out). Happy last day of March!

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mad4books said...

Why does it ALWAYS pour when it rains? So many things at (and your other Kristy) are on my mind AND prayer list!

Bless you both...