Friday, April 11, 2008

Over already?

I'm sorry for neglecting you dear readers. My Internet connection is still intermittent (more out than in), and I have taken over my parents' computer to keep you abreast of what's been happening the past couple of days.

You see, I'm a bit out of sorts because this time last week I was celebrating with every other teacher in this school district because Spring Break was upon us, AND I didn't have to deal with anyone under the age of 21 for a whole week! Now, as I look back on this week, I am utterly disappointed. I had this awesome "To Do" list which mainly featured me reading and scrapbooking with a couple of errands thrown in to balance things out. Instead, I ended up saddled with car repairs, talking on the phone for literally hours with the Internet people, and having to do my taxes, which incidentally are due in a few days, for those of you who are still back in September of last year with me. (Is it really April already?)


One of the highlights of my week however, was meeting author Angela Hunt at our local library! (God was really with me that day.) I decided to run by the library to pick upthe book that our school book club is reading this month and just happened to see the flyer that advertised her being there that evening. I was really nervous to meet Ms. Hunt because she's an author. No, I mean, AN AUTHOR! I felt like a kid in the candy store when I first walked into the lobby that evening and saw her sitting on one of the benches in the lobby. I knew she was busy just because she was talking on her phone and flipping through some pages,so I tried to play in cool by walking back into the library and waiting until it was time for the lecture to begin. Thankfully I wasn't the only one there that felt the same excitement. There were a few ladies in front of me that were bouncing in their chairs from their excitement. (Thank you Lord for heeling in my excitement so I didn't make a fool of myself.) I must admit I felt the same way inside, but since I was the youngest one in the room, I didn't want to make myself stick out even more by acting crazy.

Ms. Hunt is absolutely delightful in person! Since has a musical lilt to her voice, which is no surprise since she was a music major in college. She even gave us a short demonstration of her opera voice--which was very cool! Ms. Hunt discussed how she became a writer and how God works when she's paying attention in her life. She also discussed some of her upcoming novels and her most recent ones--Doesn't She Look Natural?(takes place in Mount Dora) and The Elevator (which is set right here in Tampa). Then she had time for questions and pictures and book signings. I felt dumb because I didn't bring any of my books to have her sign, but thankfully I did have the flyers which announced her lecture for the library, so I asked her to sign those and then asked if she would mind taking a picture with me. (I know, I couldn't resist though. And that will teach my family not to laugh at me for carrying my camera with me all the time! I'll post them if I can ever get my computer to stay online for more than five minutes.) Overall, I was really impressed with Ms. Hunt's ability to speak in front of an audience and her professionalism, despite the "groupies." I'm sure she was a little disappointed that she didn't sell as many books while there, but I honestly don't carry money with me, otherwise I would have bought another copy of The Novelist. It's awesome--like her other works!


Answer to Prayers!
Thank you all for praying! Here are some updates:

Nadine, my friend who was in a car accident a few months ago, has finally finished up with physical therapy. Unfortunately, she still cannot do anything more than walk or swim, but thankfully she is still able to do those things. She will have to wear a brace and continue to take medication for the rest of her life; however, she does not have to take pain medication and is absolutely thrilled that things were not worse.

I still have a job! Our principal is awesome! He has decided to delete a job that was going to be vacant in a month or two instead of getting rid of one of us in the library. Instead, he's taking that tech job and making a half position and taking one of our media positions and making it half so that one of us can take that spot and not have to worry about being sent elsewhere. (Our tech person was going to quit within the next month because she wants to stay home with her two babies instead of work, so it works out perfectly.) My co-worker decided that she would take the half and half job because she's more techie than I am. Plus, her husband writes programs for a living, so she's pretty much set. That means, I'll get to learn the tech stuff too because we'll be helping each other out all of the time. It also means, she will have control of the tech funds for the school...hee!hee!...hello, new computers! :) Okay, so maybe we won't go that far, but it is a thought. Yippee!! We all have our jobs! (The electric bill will actually get paid this month!)

Please continue to pray for my aunt--her job situation is getting worse and with her depression and housing situation, things are going downhill quickly.

Please also continue to pray for my mom and her job situation. One of her supervisors is a complete idiot (aren't most of them?) and she's taken to singling out my mom for things which has placed my mom on probation until the end of the year. Please pray that nothing serious happens until her probationary period is over. (My mom has been with this company for about 20 years and they're trying to get rid of people so they can hire new people at a lower price.)

Please pray for my little sister. She just turned 29 this past Wednesday and is having issues with turning that age. She doesn't make the best of choices, but she's been a somewhat decent path this past year and I'm hoping that she doesn't mess things up for herself. I'm also praying that she comes back to the Lord. they've been distant for quite some time now.

Please pray for my friend's daughter, Hillary. She's going to be starting college soon and I know she's nervous about going away from home to place where she doesn't know anyone. please pray for wisdom and guidance for her. Also, please pray for her parents who will be empty-nesters.

I know that there are many other prayer requests out there. I still haven't figured out how to make a prayer request section within my blog. I may have to make a separate blog for prayer requests. If you have any requests, please let me know! Thanks for praying for mine!

Tomorrow is our Family Picnic. While I hate everything outdoors, I like to see everyone in the family and see how they're all doing, so it will be fun. Tomorrow will be a bit somber since my dad's aunt passed away a few weeks ago ans won't be there, plus her memorial service is Sunday, but I think with all of the crazy cousins and all of the kids, we'll have a blast!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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mad4books said...

Oh, I feel your pain! Sometimes my laptop will stay on for forty minutes...sometimes it will crash after four. It's SO aggravating...and as for our wireless Internet...well, my momma taught me not to say anything if I couldn't think of anything nice.

How did the Family Picnic go?

Oh, and how wonderful that you still have a job next year! No one wants Madison to have to miss a meal (especially Madison!).