Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Already?

Today is the first day of summer and THIS is what it looks like in "sunny" Tampa, FL.

Yuck! Although I suppose I should be happy for the rain--especially since we are experiencing a drought--I still can't help but feel slightly jilted because summer is supposed to have beautiful days. However, I do know that since we are in Florida, this rain storm will pass and it will be so hot and muggy that I'll probably start complaining about that next.
Happy Summer--wherever you live!


mad4books said...

It's gorgeous here! Hot and sunny margarita weather.


Hey, my blog moved to: !

Literary Feline said...

I am looking longingly at your above photos. Rain would be so nice right now! It was 107 out today. I've been staying indoors trying to avoid the worst of the heat.

The Dynamic Uno said...

Have a few 'ritas for me! I'm not about to get out in this weather.

I'm beginning to think I need a boat. Anyone seen Noah lately?