Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Real Vacation!

I'm going to St.Augustine for a couple of days! I'll be back and hopefully have pictures to show you!


mad4books said...

Have a blast!

(Is Madison going? Seriously...if you post vacation pictures of your cat golfing or sipping pina coladas in a lounge chair, I'm notifying the Psych Ward!)

I still have two days left of summer school at Cooper, but then I'm free, free, FREE!!! (for two weeks)

Hey, I bought a house...maybe. We're supposed to close on Thursday...details to follow!

Literary Feline said...

Have a great time!

The Dynamic Uno said...

Mad4Books--Madison stayed home--although my teddy bear (Mr. Bear) hitched a ride with me. :)

A HOUSE!!?? Wow! Keep me posted! Enjoy your 2 weeks off--I go back on Monday. Barf! (So much for vacation...)

Literary Feline--Thanks! I had never been there, so I was/am really excited. :)