Monday, May 25, 2009

My Crazy Life....


That's the way I've been feeling here lately. I'm sure it's just a result from the seemingly non-stop rain we've had this past week and a half, but I still haven't managed to get out of this fog. Yes, I know we NEED the rain, and I would have enjoyed it more if I could have curled up with a great book and a large cup of tea. Unfortunately, I had to deal with Seniors and their last few days of school, (Now I know why teachers are not allowed to carry guns into school.) as well as the other end-of-the-year (HALLELUJAH!) shenanigans both by students and their teachers.

In addition to the craziness that has been my life the past few weeks, I found out that one my best-friends from high school--her husband died of a heart attack a week after my sister's fiance. They were the same age--38. So this is fair warning for anyone who is close to that age--get your heart checked! I don't care if you're the healthiest person alive--get your heart checked--then maybe I can get some sleep. Thanks!

I've also been shopping for apartments. YUCK! Whoever said that now's the time to rent is LYING! I could almost buy a house for the amount of money I would be spending in rent each month. Unfortunately, I don't have money for a down payment, upkeep, etc. so it's still more feasible for me to rent. YUCK.

Thankfully I have it narrowed down to two places. Unfortunately, the pros and cons of each are equal. The more expensive one is only $25 more a month and is MUCH nicer, but that's the difference between gas and no gas for the car. Grrrr...... Anyone have any suggestions? I could actually move into the cheaper one this weekend. Can you imagine? Of course that means that I need to find a moving company that would help me move in 5 days' worth of time. Yea--I didn't think so either. Then, the next 2 weekends after that are booked from previous commitments and then I'm working at the local theme park the rest of the summer. They'll only hold the apartment for 10 days and I actually was able to walk in the apartment and see the one I would be renting. As I mentioned, any thoughts are helpful. :)

Meanwhile, I need to get things packed--which means my books and scrapbooking stuff. My furniture and things are in storage, so you'd think packing would be easy; however, anyone in my family can attest to the numbers of piles I have of each aforementioned subjects. Let's just say that I think the boxes totaled 75 of just books and scrapbooking supplies. Ridiculous, I know. Thankfully, I plan of scrapbooking more once I actually have a place where I can spread out and work--and NOT have to clean up when I'm in the middle of a project.

Ack! If you don't hear from me anytime soon you can assume some boxes fell on me. Have a great week!

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Kirsten said...

Which one is closer to work, and which one would you be happier in? No more Starbucks for you and the $25 difference isn't so bad (no Starbucks, then don't go to the movies twice, or one time out to eat). And yes, you can find a mover in 5 days, no problem! Or just move a few boxes at a time over the week and then have someone move the big stuff! You can do it, and if it is the right apartment you won't ask twice :-)

Let me know what you decide, and post a link or pictures of the two places. Hey, go and lurk around the places and see who your neighbors will be...that might help you find the right place real quick! I don't envy you at all!!! I'd help you here in Abilene, but you didn't want to move back :-)