Tuesday, June 16, 2009

VBS Update

Thanks for your prayers about VBS. This year has been MUCH better than last year. I have more girls than boys, most of which are Christians and have been to VBS before. Hopefully I'm not speaking too soon, but so far we haven't had much of a problem. My helper, Morgan, is AWESOME and is only in middle school!?!? My niece and I are plumb exhausted when we get home, but it's a good kind of exhaustion because you know the kids are having a wonderful time. God is really looking out for me too--this year, my schedule flows cohesively around the building instead of going up the stairs, down the stairs, back up the stairs, and then back down the stairs. Thankfully, we also have recreation early on in the day. Even though it's already close to 98 degress by the time we get out there, it could be worse--we could be out there at the end of the day like my niece is--she's drinking plenty of water though to stay hydrated.
I'm disconnecting my computer for the next couple of days (hopefully not that long) so that I can get it over to my apartment and call the cable company for Internet/TV service, so if you don't hear from me for a while you know why.
I bought a couch yesterday too--although I'm not completely in love with it--it was a fabulous deal. What's even better--they deliver!! So Saturday I should have a couch! (Hopefully I'll be able to get enough work done in the apartment so that there's room for the it. If my computer is back up and running, I'll post pictures for you.)
I'm considering joining ACFW and going to their conference in September. I truly haven't written anything that's even close to a manuscript, but I think that by attending the conference I'll get excited about writing again. Has anyone else gone to this conference? What did you think? (I'll need to pray hard for the fees. I think by the time I add up the cost of the conference, flying, hotel, food, and taxi I'll be spending around $1400. I could go to Europe for that amount!) Please let me know what you think about the conference. I'm hesitant because of the money situation, but I know that God also provides and if it's something He thinks I should do--the money will miraculously show up.
Ohh--the rain is starting,m so I'd better get off of the computer. Lightning always manages to find MY computer. There could be 12 others around--hooked up even--my could be unplugged and there is still some way that my computer will get hit. Talk to you later....

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