Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize to Obama?!

Seriously? What a joke. As if other countries didn't have reason to laugh at us before when Obama was elected president, now he's being given the Nobel Peace Prize for " his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." Really?

The reason why he spends so much time abroad is because half of America cannot stand him. If they're going to give a prize to someone who has not done a thing to deserve it, then I know anything is possible because hell has frozen over and pigs have grown wings. It's pretty sad when even Saturday Night Live is actually in on the action. Apparently, even they have had enough.

I guess this is all to be expected. After all, with Obama's conceit he's surely going to bring this country to her knees. You'd think that with the debate over his birth certificate he'd just pull out the long form to stop people like me from scoffing at him. However, Obama must think he's above the law because he still has yet to show proof that he's really an American.

If the committee is going to give out a prize, why not give it to the actual people who are doing something to help promote the peace, like the military? They're the ones dying each day because they're trying to eradicate the evil in the world. Not some guy who purports to be our country's president , dresses in nice suits and ties, and beds with other countries rather than worrying about the state of his own. No wonder the other countries "love" him. Yep. He's a real winner alright.

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Kirsten said...

Good for you! I am right along with you! Thought it was a joke when that came out. Who nominated him and when? What has he done??? Nothing noteworthy that I can see, at least not in the few month that he is president. I feel sorry for all the people who have won the Nobel Prize before him and had to really work. All their doing looks like a joke now!