Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup Final Game

I started watching the games a few weeks into the matches and Spain was one of the first teams I watched play in the series. Seeing how the Spanish players worked together to help defeat their opponents endeared them to me. (That, and their good looks didn't hurt either!) So, I decided to cheer for this entertaining team-one that showed their love for the game in their fancy footwork and teamwork on the field.

Watching the final game of the World Cup series was quite an interesting experience.  I don't know much about futbol (soccer), but I do know excitement when I see it and Spain's players were definitely showing it!  I think the referee was fair--distributing yellow cards when needed--despite his bad call on Du Jong (?) when he kicked Alonso full-force in the chest.  THAT was clearly a red card.  However, he did have to deal with the players continuously arguing with him over their seemed injustices on the field and he kept his composure the whole game--including during the extra time.  (And I thought teaching was hard!)

Another phenomena we found during this series was that Paul, the octopus, is clearly able to choose the winning teams.  He's likely not to be sushi anytime soon.

Congratulations Spain!  Well done!

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Kirsten said...

Well, of course I was rooting for Germany, and maybe the Octopus had to take 10 minutes to predict the win because the game wasn't decided till the end! What interesting games we had this year! Made more fun by being in Germany for most of them! Go Octopus!!! :-)