Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday! Friday! Friday!

In eight more hours, I'll be on SUMMER VACATION!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Now for those of you making your snide comments, keep in mind, I spend more time with your children each day than you do for ten months out of the year.  Two months of talking to your teens is not going to kill you--unless you don't really talk, in which case...I can't help you there. So, yes, I have earned my one month off of actual summer break---especially after the shenanigans pulled by our government with budget cuts this year.  (The rest of the time will be spent in trainings, covering summer school, and volunteering my own time to clean up the library so I can actually work next year.)   *stepping off soapbox*  

What are my plans? 
  • VBS Tour Guide (our theme is New York--so it should be fun.  This is my niece's last year of being able to participate.)
  • Sleep.  Lots of it.
  • Reading. (I have books that have been sitting on my shelves calling to me for months.)
  • Moving to a new apartment. (Yuck!  I hate packing and unpacking.  Plus, I have to find a moving company.)
  • Sleep.
  • Unpacking new apartment and getting everything switched over (Double-Yuck!)
  • Working at my other jobs (hey--not getting paid over summer really stinks because the bills do not stop coming in)
  • Have I mentioned sleep?  (It seems that I did not get much this year with everything I've been involved with at work.)

What are YOU doing this summer?


mad4books said...

Moving? AGAIN? Girl, you are part Gypsy!

Have a great summer. If you read something wonderful, be sure to share. (I start A Thousand Gifts today.

The Dynamic Uno said...

This time I'm moving because they're jacking my rent up another $100. I'm a teacher-I don't have that kind of money.

I'm reading several books right now but I'll keep you posted. :)

Kirsten said...

Well, let's see what am I doing this summer...
Memorial Day - Playa Del Carmen - check
1.5 day at home to do laundry - check
12 hour drive to AZ - check
Playing with my 6 month old niece and nephew for 8 days - check
drive back to TX (12 hr) - check
1 day at home to go shopping and packing - check
drive parents to DFW and back home - check
NOW my vacation can start...sitting around all day playing catch up on the blogs...done...
Summer School starts in July...what can I say...LOL!
I know that is not what you wanted to hear...but...
Read "Blood, Bones & Butter" by Gabrielle Hamilton, and listened to "7th Heaven Women's Murder mystery Club" & "The 8th Confession" both by James Patterson.

The Dynamic Uno said...

Wow Kirsten! I'm feeling like a slacker. Your list has already made me tired. :) Do you at least get to do summer school in your new home?