Thursday, April 19, 2012

You Tube Thursday!

Yes, it's finally back!  To be quite honest, I had really great plans for the Easter YTT, but I couldn't get near a computer in time.  If you're ever looking for a quick and easy idea to keep yourself your kids entertained, look up "Peep Wars" on YouTube.  The best one I've seen is this one

(Of course, don't try this at work in your back microwave when your AP comes to do a walk-through, especially since he hasn't been there long enough to know how hard you work.  You just get a funny look and a roll of the eyes.  not that I would know or anything..I'm just sayin'!)

On to this week's YTT:
Since we're in the middle of FCAT testing and the poor 10th grade kids started testing on the computers already, I figured this was apropos...

FCAT Rap "Higher Levels" WMHS by K.J.

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