Thursday, September 27, 2012

YouTube Thursday

I'm so over the garbage going on in our school district.  I'm still trying to do the job of 4 people because the accreditation team can't see the problem of only one person running the school library.  Thankfully we only have about 2089 students, but then you put administration, the new evaluation system, and add the cockamammy testing and it's a zoo.  No wonder kids quit school!

If it weren't for the bills and my poor furry child, I'd sing this song tomorrow.  Hope you're having a better week/day than I am.  If not, grab a can or bottle of your favorite beverage and sing along with me...

1 comment:

Kirsten said...

LOL!!! You mean you can't do the job of 4 all by yourself? Come on... tighten up a bit!

Doesn't look better over here either, except that there are still two people in the library in the HS...but for how long???