Sunday, February 2, 2014

Soul Searching Sunday

I've been doing a lot of thinking  soul searching lately and I've realized that as I've grown older there's been less "playing" and "happiness" in my life.  Too many responsibilities and general life circumstances have made me worn and somewhat bitter and cynical. (My current friends are rolling their eyes right now because they haven't really seen me at my happy and playful stage--unless you count that one glimpse at Disney's Grad Night as a chaperone.)  But I digress...

The good news is that I've been working really hard at trying to be a bit more positive in my life.  One of the steps I've taken is that I've signed up for the 100 Happy Days challenge via Instagram.  I didn't start it at the beginning of the year like several of my friends, so I'm only on Day 17 (which has caused all sorts of anxiety from my OCD), but it has caused me to focus on the little moments that bring me happiness each day.  While some days it's a struggle to find something, or I forget to take a picture so I substitute a different "moment of happiness" instead, it has caused me to be more aware in my day of all the little things that go right instead of the negative that comes as a constant barrage.

What are some things that you do to play more and be happy each day?

As a side note, I am going to try and make Soul-Searching Sundays a regular feature on the blog.  I've made a grab-button if you're interested.  (It's the first one I've made, so please be kind while I work out the kinks.)

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