Thursday, March 19, 2015

YouTube Thursday

With all of the changes happening in my life recently, I've begun to think about the goals and plans I had for myself before and during my college years.  I wasn't really sure about what I wanted to do when I "grew up" and truth be told, I'm still not sure.  However, I did have a list of places where I wanted to live and explore--maybe even a few careers I would like to try.

After the passing of my grandmother, I realized through a conversation with my aunt that I've kind of been holding my breath while life happened to me.  Rather than be the spontaneous and bubbly person that I really am, I've grown into a hard outer shell just waiting for the next thing to hit me.

I've started to let that breath out and bring in some revitalizing oxygen that I so desperately need.  I'm scared to death about some of the things I'm going to attempt, but really, in the end I think it will be worth it.  Even if the outcome is not what I would like, I do know that God is in control and that He works all things together for my good--even if I don't agree with Him at the time.

All of this to say, I found this song (This Is Not Goodbye) by the Sidewalk Prophets to be very inspiring and right in line with the changes I am currently trying to make.  I hope it inspires you too.

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