Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Hayley!

Today is officially Hayley's 7th birthday!

We celebrated yesterday at one of the local bowling alleys--the only one that still allows smoking inside. (Gag! CoUgH! GAsPing for AIR!) Despite the toxic air, however, Hayley had a wonderful time with her new best friend Claudia and her cousin Sierra. They bowled (Which was hilarious to watch because none of them have ever bowled before.), danced around, played arcade games, ate cake, opened presents, and did it all over again. I know she had a lot of fun.

While the kiddos were playing their games, I found my favorite--Ms. Pac-Man--and decided to play. My dad decided that he wanted to play too, not knowing that I am the champ of Ms. Pac-Man, so I skunked him. My score really wasn't that great, but I am a bit rusty and the knob on the machine was VERY loose and hard to maneuver. Overall, we had fun. My dad wants a re-match. I told him he needed to practice some more before we played again.

(This is reminiscent of our Pin-Ball matches on the computer when I still lived at home. We would play until we cleared each others' scores off the screen. He would be at work all day, and i would spend the day racking up the high-score. Then, on a day he would have off, he'd beat my high score. It was pretty funny because we never knew when the other one was playing, so you'd never know whose score was the highest until you started to play.)

After we left the bowling alley, we headed back to my parents' house and vegged in front of the TV for a couple of hours. It was about 8:30 pm before I left and drove home--thankfully the rain stopped while I was driving and started as I rounded the bend into my apartment complex. (Gotta love tropical storms stalled in the ocean.)

Meanwhile, Madison decided to take a nap on the couch while I was out.

She's been pretty clingy lately, but you can still see her annoyance at the camera. Or, maybe it's at the camera holder? Hmmmm.....

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