Sunday, October 28, 2007

Look Out! She's Got a Gun!

And I'm not afraid to use it! (At least on the target range at the farm.)

Yesterday was our bi-annual family reunion up at the farm. It was overcast and cloudy for most of the day, but God held the rain off until after everyone left and we were headed home.

As we said the blessing for the food we had about 32 people there, but about 15 more people showed up later in the day.

You see, our family is all about the food. If there's food around, we're there! My mom made her famous Calico Beans and her yummy Pasta Salad! (Who says she can't cook?!) My uncle Charlie drove over from Texas and made his spicy chili--which a lot of people stayed away from because he made it "too spicy." (Is that even possible?) There were some people that even made a couple batches of deviled eggs--YUM! The best part for me however, were the desserts! Brownies, cake, cookies, doughnuts...the list goes on and on. Yep--I ate way too much (as usual), but it was nice to see everyone again.

Even the people that aren't related, but decided to stop by and enjoy the food. Does anyone know who these people are? (Just kidding--they're friends of my parents!--I think. )

There was a zip line for the kids (think James Bond, only close to the ground), water balloons (supposedly a toss, but it was really a time to chase the little ones with water balloons), rides in the golf cart and the mule (of which I almost fell out of), volleyball games, finding money in the haystack, and of course, when everyone left--the gun range.

(My 7 y.o. niece also learned how to drive the golf cart--pretty scary if you're trying to hang on the back and not drop your camera, or fall off.)

Hayley decided that she wanted to shoot a gun at the targets, so after a brief safety training with Grandpa, she was able to shoot a couple of rounds. While she doesn't quite understand the concept of looking through the scope to line up your shot, she was still happy to have pinged the metal targets a couple times--with Grandpa's help.


mad4books said...

PURE FUN!!!! And the food looked SO yummy...

Did you ever read the Sweet Potato Queens book where the one S.P.Q. went door-to-door, asking people to make her some deviled eggs?


Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

It WAS delicious!

I have that book! (Sadly, it's still in my TBR pile.) The S.P.Q. sounds like my kind of gal! Deviled eggs anyone?