Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What a Wonderful Book!

I finished reading The Trophy Wives Club by Kristin Billerbeck.

Hayley Cutler, yes, the Mrs. Cutler of producer husband (Jay Cutler) fame, suddenly finds herself without a husband, a place to live, and a "real" job.

To make things worse, since she signed a pre-nup, so she must meet with Jay's handsome lawyer, Hamilton Lowe, to collect her monthly settlement from her impending divorce.

Although Haley cannot stand Hamilton's attitude towards her and her divorce, she takes his suggestion to attend a group for divorced women (The Trophy Wives Club) at his church. Needing someone to help guide her through the ropes of a divorce settlement and exacting her revenge on Jay and his heartlessness, Hayley decides to attend one of the meetings to see what help she can garner from the other divorcees in the group. While her first meeting was a disaster, Haley soon finds herself accepted into this diverse group of women, and realizes that she doesn't need someone to take care of her, that she is perfectly capable of standing on her own two feet (unless she's running on the beach) with God's help.

Whoa! What an impact. As a person who has gone through a divorce, I can relate to Haley and the emotions running rampant through her mind after her husband decides to exchange her for a younger model (literally)! Helplessness, hatred, and wanting revenge, are all emotions that I think most people experience when going through a divorce, and Haley is no different.

This was a tough book to read at first, especially since it brought to life emotions that I thought I had put behind me, but as I read further, Haley's humor and antics had me giggling like a two year old.

Since I collect quotations that make me think, here are a couple from The Trophy Wives Club:

"You can't let one mistake change who you are."

(This is so true. I often wonder how many of us are just walking
shells of
who we once were because of a single incident in our lives that we
haven't forgiven ourselves for? God is so awesome! He's already
us--as soon as we ask him.. So start living people!)

" Wouldn't it be great if God just blew an air horn in your ear and told you exactly what to do? It's that whole free will business. Gets in my way every time."

(Amen to that! I laughed for a good ten minutes after reading this part in the book. It's the first time someone else has mentioned out loud what I think on a daily basis. I'm so glad I'm not the only one--even if it is a character in a book!)

You have to read The Trophy Wives Club by Kristin Billerbeck! It's a wonderful book!

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