Thursday, May 8, 2008

And so it goes....

My computer is STILL having issues...Grrrrrr.....The latest is that I'm going to have to have it wiped "clean" and then reload everything back on it. How much does a new computer cost? Oh wait! I still have to get my computer hard-wired so that I Internet access as well...Grrrrr....

I am excited though--school's out in a few weeks and that means no more children for about a month!!! I'll be working at the local theme park back in the offices (or, so they say...) so I will not have to deal with RUDE people out in the park. Seriously, do people think it's their right to be rude when they're on vacation? Do they check their brains with their luggage? I'm just askin'! (Of course I need to get my application filled out--but I have to work my "real job" during their hiring hours, so it may be a few more weeks or so.) I'm actually excited to be working there agian. It will be interesting to see how many of my former students (and possibly current students) are working there. I rememeer the last time I worked there a few years ago, one of my former students turned out to be my supervisor! Needless to say, I decided not to continue working during the school year because I was not one of her favorite teachers. Oh well, can't please them all. :)

Speaking of students, I need to try and find my cap and gown for graduation. Either that, or I have to rent them--YUCK! So, I'll be digging through my boxes in storage to try and figure out where I put it--unless I gave it away? I don't remember. Why didn't someone tell me that I needed to keep these things for the future? I'll keep you posted on whether I find it or not--just in case you're really interested.

Friday evening is our district-wide Poetry Jam competition. I'm kind of excited that some of last year's winning school are not coming--that gives our poet a better chance--AND she's actually really good! I hope she doesn't get nervous and speed through her poem because she has a fabulous grasp of enunciation and drawing the audience into her work. We had a guest poet today at the school and during the sharing time, we had our school winner perform her poem cold turkey for the audience. She should have slowed down a bit, but not bad for not really practicing it with us. I'll let you know on Friday how she did--unless I fall over asleep when I get home. (Last year I didn't get home until after 10:30 pm--which is WAY past my bedtime!) Speaking of bedtime, I guess I'd better get ready for tomorrow. We have a full schedule tomorrow and I'll be teaching all day. (And to think that the county is getting rid of Media Specialists to help with budget cuts...I LOVE my principal!!!!! He BELIEVES in the Media program and has just asked us to take on a few more responsibilities--things we do anyway--so that we both stay! Have I mentioned that I LOVE my principal?!)

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