Sunday, November 9, 2008

Phantom of the Opera

It was FABULOUS!!!! With this outing being probably the fourth or fifth time I've seen the production at TPAC, I was sure I'd be disappointed--after all, once you've seen Phantom, not too much changes. Imagine my surprise when I found that these performers actually made the production their own! The pauses were different than the original version, as well as the timing. This production's performers actually put their own spin on things and it was nice to hear that it wasn't the same "old" production that I've seen over and over. BRAVO!

My aunt came over and we had a photo session out in the yard. As you can see--neither of us have a clue how to act when we're dressed up. Not to mention, our paparazzi were really my, it was a bust--at least with my camera anyways. We decided to eat at TPAC's restaurant--Maestro's. They had the BEST food! It was a five course meal--buffet style. I think I liked everything there--although the seven bean soup needed some help. The bill was even cheaper than we had anticipated, so we were able to get our souvenirs too.

My aunt picked up the program since she'd never seen Phantom. (How is that possible since I go each time it's in town?) I decided on the ink pen (refillable!) and a silver mask pin to put with my collection.

We were in the sixth row from the stage, although we were not in the center--which didn't pose too much of a problem--aside from the people who decided that they MUST leave during Intermission, etc. In fact, if I were able to take pics during the performance, I would have had some great shots. Unfortunately, all I could get was of the angel the Phantom hides in towards the end of Act I--taken during Intermission.

I was really proud of myself for not singing the whole score out loud, although the conductor was singing along as well, which was pretty neat to see. Alas, the performance was over too soon and we had to leave. We actually ran around to the back entrance to try and catch some of the cast members, but a lot of the escaped before we could get to them. Then, with the mobs of people standing there, we decided that it would be best to go ahead and leave--so I didn't get my picture with the Phantom. :( (Maybe I should dress up and just go to the back door after the next performance. Hmmmm.....)


mad4books said...

Wow. Maybe my mistake was seeing the movie instead of the play because my sister and I *HATED* it.

When it finally, finally ended, all the Madison teachers were swooning about how great it was, and Karen and I were like "Yeah, sure--if you say so. Meet y'all at Abuelo's!"

(Maybe we should have had the margaritas first...)

The Dynamic Uno said...

I wasn't too impressed with the movie either. (Although her boyfriend was played by one of our "local" guys.)