Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's February already?! What happened to January? Didn't we just start back to school after Christmas break? What do you mean we only have 15 weeks of school left!?

Sadly, I don't think I'm the only person in this predicament. By setting some goals for myself (exercise more and eat less; take a few self-enrichment classes) I've let blogging and some of my reading (GASP!) go by the way side. (What does that phrase mean anyway?)

Never fear--new schedule do require some juggling of responsibilities, and I almost have the juggling down pat.

I've started getting up a bit earlier (YUCK!), much to the chagrin of all who know me, as I am NOT a morning person and am usually ready to crash by about 10 am. (I still think we should have nap time for adults. Don't they call them siestas in Mexico? I wonder if the new Pres. would jump on board that bandwagon? After all, if would save companies millions by having production jump because everyone would be rested and refreshed after their nap. Hmmmm....what's the email for the White House again?) As you can read, my thoughts tend to jump from random thought to random thought when I don't have much sleep, which leads me to my second change.

I'm starting to go to bed earlier. I must admit, I usually crawl into bed when the light is still shining, but because I'm taking a class once a week that doesn't get out until 9pm, and I'm going to a Bible Study which lets out at the same time, I try to "catch up" on my sleep the other days of the week.

Reading tends to happen right before bed--usually after I've gone out for a walk and taken a nice steamy shower. Eating dinner has been interesting the last couple of weeks because it's been almost impossible to eat before 6pm. (My self-imposed deadline for dinner.) Needless to say, I've had to stock up on "healthier" foods like yogurt and fruit to eat instead of my usual cheese lasagna or spaghetti. (Yes, Garfield and I could be twins--with the exception of the whole cat/human thing.)

After reading over what I've written so far, I've decided that I am in desperate need of caffeine. Have a great day!

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