Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back to the Grind...

After such a relaxing weekend, it's hard to believe that I have to go back to work tomorrow. I've actually read 2 books and I'm halfway through a third one! (Maybe my parents should go on vacation more often!)

I know many of you are wondering what's become of my job situation, so here's the update:

I don't know. I was hoping that I would find out this past week, but our school district, in its infinite wisdom decided to move the beginning of transfer period to tomorrow. So, hopefully I'll get a phone call tomorrow from the school that I want to go to, (and have even found an apartment close by) otherwise, I'll be sending out more copies of my resume to the eight other schools that have openings. (Yippee.)

To further complicate things, my co-worker decided to go for the tech screening with the district. She should find out tomorrow (through email--how personal is that) whether or not she passed. If she does, there is a chance that I could stay at my current school if our principal hires her as the tech person. (Something she doesn't really want to do, but is willing if it means I have a job next year. Talk about being selfless.

So, hopefully I get good news today--otherwise, I'll beat the street with the other 713 teachers who have been cut in our district. (Isn't it interesting how you hear news reports that they desperately need teachers, and yet 713 of us do not have jobs right now? Interesting....)

On a brighter side, here's something to give you a giggle. It was emailed to me by one of my friends:

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