Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Spring Break

For all of my fellow Spring Breakers out there...WE MADE IT!!! Yahoo! And Happy Days! (If I see a kid before next Monday, I may kill them. You've been warned!)

I spent all day Saturday cleaning and shredding old stuff that had been lying around forever! (Who knew shredding papers could alleviate stress?) I also emailed my resume out to a principal because I found out that yet another job has been snatched up by one of the other Media Specialists that was cut. Yikes! Only 8 more positions for 12 people! The good news is that my principal has already spoken to the new principal, so I may be getting a phone call sometime soon for an interview. (Keep praying! It's the only one even relatively close to where I live now. Otherwise the commute is 30 miles one way.)

I was in a car accident last Monday (rear-ended in a 3 car-pile-up). It messed-up my neck and back again, which means no more exercising for a few weeks. Grrrr...... I have to take my car in to be fixed tomorrow before I head over to my "fun job". I personally think they're going to look at the car and ask me where it's damaged because of all the dirt, but we'll have to wait and see.

Wednesday, Madison is going in for surgery on her teeth. The vet said that her plaque has caused decay and that they may need to pull a few teeth so that they don't become abscessed. (See kids, brushing your teeth each day IS a requirement!) I took her in for her Senior Wellness Exam on Friday, and she's just now talking to me again. I take that back--I put her flea treatment on her this afternoon and she's still ignoring me. Apparently, being 10 years old in cat years means you're a senior citizen. I wonder if they send little AARP cards for cats? I'll have to let you know if I get any unusual charges on my credit cards--she has been hittin' the cat nip a bit harder these days. Maybe she'll just watch HSN and have more delivered. She does have a TV addiction you know.

I have about 5 books that need to be read this week so that I can post reviews on them, and all I want to do is scrapbook. (Yet another way to relieve stress--ripping paper is FUN!) I have a TON of supplies that I've been trying to use over the years, unfortunately, I haven't had a scrapbooking room for quite awhile, so it's all still sitting there. I usually buy paper and embellishments with a specific picture in mind, but I just haven't had a block of time (a solid month) to really finish things up. I did promise myself that once the paper and embellishments are gone that I would do nothing but digital scrapbooking. I only have about 20,000 pictures sitting on my computer, so I'm not too far behind. (Ha!) I keep hoping that the scrapbooking fairies will come in, read my mind, and complete, my projects for me so that I'll be caught up. I know, keep dreamin'. If you are interested in scrapbooking--whether traditional or digital, my friend Kirsten has started her own scrapbooking business. I've emailed her many times and she's really good about getting back with you. She's even shown me how to use all of my digital freebies with the software which is SOOOOOO much easier than PSE.

I have to finish laundry so I have something to wear tomorrow. Amazing Race is not on tonight, so maybe I'll read something instead. Hmmm........

Oh yeah, to top things off last week--aside from getting cut from my job, having a car accident and messing up my neck and back--I also found out that I didn't get the grant to go to Italy this summer. (Boo! Hiss!) Thank goodness it's a new week! After last week--my Spring Break is going to be AWESOME!!!

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