Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy August!

My first day of vacation has been spent with my niece and nephew watching G-Force (cute), going to Chic-fil-a, and trying to win Jonas Brothers Concert tickets from Radio Disney. Oh, we also stopped at the bookstore and then at Wally World to pick up a few much needed supplies.

I plan on spending the rest of the day reading an AWESOME book (review to follow on Monday)and doing laundry, which of course has piled up since I've been working all week.

Excitingly enough, the birthday countdown has begun. My birthday is now in 22 days and no, I'm not going to figure out hours and minutes for you! (Not a math major.) In any case, on occasion, my family tends to ask me what I would like. SO this year, I'm creating a list...
{**=REALLY want}

**New camera (mine is pretty temperamental and I'm going on a vacation soon and need a decent camera)

**Gift Cards to: (many people think this is a cop-out; however, I LOVE these babies.)
  • Grocery Stores (Publix and Sweetbay are closest)
  • Walmart
  • Bookstores (Borders; Amazon; Christianbook)
  • Gas Cards (7-11; Racetrack; Hess)

CD-Player/Radio (even better if it's an alarm clock too-I've had mine since 5th grade)

Laptop (I'm still researching the kind I want--Judy if you're reading, email me!)

An MP-3 Player. [My Zune has bit the dust (AGAIN!) and I'm sick of dealing with it, so I think I'm going to jump ship and go the iPod route.]

I'm sure I could come up with a rather lengthy list, but this is only my birthday. However, these items will probably be on my Christmas List too! (hint...hint...)

Have a wonderful August!


Kirsten said...

Well, maybe I am glad I didn't purchase a Zune! I have the Sansa Fuse and it works pretty well. Found a site online for when I have a problem and so far was able to fix it when it went astray. (only twice with easy fix of new download/upload where the link was right there!)
Seems you are going to enjoy your few weeks off. I finally had my first vacation day on Friday...but the next two weeks I have to do two alternative staff days so we are not going anywhere! :-( Have to use my backyard pool!

The Dynamic Uno said...

The Zune is fabulous--when it works. I'm not sure if it's because I've moved or what? I'll definitely check out the Sansa stuff--it's probably cheaper anyway. :)