Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yes, it's the last official day of my summer vacation and I'm still kicking and screaming because I don't want to go back--at least, not yet. (Maybe after I've actually had a vacation. Drats--those summer jobs always get in the way!) As I'm sure you've heard me mention before, this is usually the time of year when I start looking around at other jobs until I realize that mine is not so bad. Or, as some people would remind me--at least I have a job. (Thank you Lord!)

Over all, my summer wasn't too terrible:

After all, I did survive VBS and was pleasantly surprised with my kiddos this year. (Thank you Lord!)

I did earn gas money and eating out money while I worked. AND the job was flexible, so that if I finished early, I could go home. Yay! :)

I was able to spend time with some of my friends watching LOST, amongst other "educational" adventures.

I was able to spend some time with my niece and have "girl-time." She's starting to get into make-up now AND she helped me pick out clothing for school/work. (I HATE shopping! She's a little fashionista--look out Stacy and Clinton!)

I watched more movies this summer that I think I have over the past two years combined. Several of which were free because they were previews! Yay free stuff!

I've read lots of great books AND I've been able to read them on my new couch! (I haven't owned a couch in over 9 years!)

Overall, it hasn't been a horrible summer, but I think I need a vacation from my vacation. (Thanks E for planning a trip to New Orleans in November!)

At least I don't have to see children until next week! :) Hope you have a relaxing day and week. I plan on pigging out on ice cream and reading a great book!


mad4books said...

Hey, Heather! I *WISH* I were going back to school! I'm at home with a belly-full of staples after surgery. Kirsten is running the library solo at this point, so pray that she gets a good long-term sub for me!

I love school and teaching and kids and books and can not believe how good God has been to me during 22 years at AISD! The only good thing about being off work is that I can read, read, READ for a few weeks...

The Dynamic Uno said...

YUCK! That does not sound like a fun time to me. I will definitely pray for a speedy recovery for you. Kirsten is awesome. I miss you guys!

Have fun reading! I'm actually kind of jealous that you get to read some--although I know that your recovery is painful and I definitely do not want to be in your slippers right now. Don't worry too much. I know that the people in Abilene will take good care of you while you're recuperating.