Thursday, March 4, 2010


You all know how much of a LOST fan I am.  Well, my friends and I have created a video promo and we're trying to win a contest sponsored by ABC for our video to play during the season finale and possibly a trip to LA for the finale!

(I couldn't get it formatted to play in blogger, but if you press on the title, it will take you to our video.)

PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE vote for our video and have your friends vote for us.   If we win, I'll do a giveaway for an item memorializing LOST.When you vote for our video, leave a comment on this post letting me know that you voted and you will gain an entry into the giveaway.  When your friends vote, have them leave a comment as well, and let me know that you sent them and you'll gain an extra entry into the giveaway. Thank you for your help and good luck!

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