Monday, June 21, 2010


Can you believe that it's only now officially the first day of summer? Here in Florida, we seem to have only 2 seasons: Summer and DEEP Summer. With temps ranging in the muggy 90s and our ever-present fear-inducing, lightning-striking thunderstorms, DEEP Summer had been around for the past month or so.

Today is officially MY first day of summer!  NO summer workshops; NO kids; NO VBS; NO, not one single thing that I actually HAVE to do today.  Yes, there is a HUGE smile on my face, which has been non-existent this past school year. (My co-workers probably wouldn't even recognize me.)  So, in honor of this AWESOME first day of summer, here is a fun look at what I try to do when I'm actually at work.  (Yes, it's from my addiction: YouTube.)

This video actually makes me want to move to Washington just so I can work with these people!  PLUS, they have the real Nancy Pearl--How AWESOME is that?!


Brittanie said...

That was so funny. :)

The Dynamic Uno said...

I thought so too. :)