Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck (Royal Wedding Series Book #1)

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Title: Once Upon a Prince (The Royal Wedding Series Book #1)
Author: Rachel Hauck
Format: trade paperback with Discussion Questions
Genre: Christian, Romance, Contemporary Fiction
Published: Zondervan / 2013 / ISBN: 978-0-310-31547-6 / 338 pages / $14.99  
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Why I Read this Book: I've always been a fan of fairy tales--especially ones where the girl finds her prince.  After all, if it can happen in a book, why not real-life, right?  (Helloooo--Princess Diana....Catherine Middleton...ring any bells?)  Who knows, my prince may be out there somewhere, we just haven't crossed paths yet.  (At least that's what I keep telling myself.)   So, when I saw this new release by Rachel Hauck, (a fabulous writer, if I do say so myself!) I just knew I had to read it and "live" the fantasy over again.  I was not disappointed!
What I Liked:  Susanna Truitt is having a really bad day.  Not only was she left standing in the sand, without an engagement ring by her now former boyfriend, but she then has to rely on the kindness of a stranger to run off a crazy homeless guy trying to hit on her as she attempts to change her car's flat tire.  If that wasn't bad enough, she spills her guts to said stranger and then is forced to deal with the gossip mill as news of her broken relationship gets around the island.  Change is coming to Susanna's life. Is she willing to trust God (and her kooky friend Aurora) to guide her in the right direction?
"Nate Kenneth" aka Prince Nathaniel from Brighton Kingdom, is on his last "free" holiday on St. Simon's Island.  His father, the King, is very ill and Nathaniel must ascend the throne soon to help his country out of their political mess.  Unfortunately, this also means he must marry to help ease the tensions in his country, and his choices are far from what he'd desire.  Will Nathaniel trust God to bring the best for him, or will he let his infatuation with Susanna overrule his heart?

Well, you'll just have to read the book to find out what happens!  Let's just say, this book caused me to laugh and cry, and laugh some more.  If you're in love with the "happily ever after" type stories, you definitely want to read Once Upon a Prince

What I Didn't Like: The book ended too soon!  I'm in love with the idea of love and happily ever after.  All of the little details that are added were just perfect!  (You'll understand what I mean when you read the story.)  I want to know more--especially about Aurora and Susanna's sister, Avery.  
Why do we have to wait so long for the other books!?!?!

Overall Impression: Rating: 5 out of 5

If you're into fairy tales and are still waiting for your prince--you'll love Once Upon a Prince!  
Let me know what you think!  Happy Reading!!


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