Friday, February 23, 2007

Is it the weekend yet?

Today was one of those days that felt like it was a week long. Do you ever have those days? I would look at the clock and then continue working for what seemed like hours, and then I'd look at the clock again, only to find that three minuites had passed. "How depressing," was my first thought this morning when it happened. Thankfully today was a little more hectic than usual, which made for a very stressful day, but the time did eventually roll around to the end of the day. Yippee! Although next week we have to deal with the "joy" that the state's cooked up for us in the form of a standardized test (FCAT) that assigns grades (money) to our schools based on student performance on this test. We can hardly wait.

I think that working with kids, no matter what the age, causes aging more rapidly. Seriously....I have more gray hair now than I did at the beginning of the school year last August! How do I know this, because my co-worker kindly pointed it out to me during a conversation one day--in front of other people! I was completely mortified, but of course tried to make a joke out of it by admitting that's why I colored my hair earlier this year. It seems that I need to recolor my hair, as those gray strands are blinding people as I walk past. It's not that I'm "old" by any means, but I have worked with "big" children for the past eight years. Teaching=Gray Hair (especially since we spend more time with the "little darlings" than their own parents and families do each day.)

Speaking of teaching, I happened to turn on the news yesterday ( a rare moment), and they were running a story about a local principal that was busted for trying to buy crack from an under-cover detective--while the principal was in his office! Talk about your stupid criminal award! The funny but sad parts are: 1) His normal dealer was probably one of his students, and 2) If I worked in his school, I'd probably want to smoke crack too! (Talk about your stereotypical inner city schools--and it's a middle school! I guess I'll have to come up with a different expression instead of saying--"Are you smoking crack!?")

Yes--Spring Break is just around the corner and I hear the waves calling my name! While I would love to spend Spring Break in Hawaii, my lack of cash flow requires that I sit this one out in Florida. (Did I mention that I work for the school system?) Thankfully--the pool is just around the corner because I know that I will not be able to get near a beach unless I want to leave at 5 AM and fight the traffic. No thanks! At least by the pool, I might actually meet some of my neighbors. Quite a shocking thought!

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mad4books said...

Interesting that I should scroll down and see the black bean brownies comment today since my sister *JUST ASKED* for this recipe.


(They're not gross. Just buy the ones that don't have garlic or onion...just straight black beans. When beaten in a food processor and mixed with chocolate & Splenda, they make great low-carb brownies!)