Saturday, February 24, 2007

30 Memories

One of my scrapbooking challenges this week is to write down 30 memories. (Yikes!) According to the directions, they do not have to be chronological and they can be either happy or sad. The only other stipulation is that I cannot explain the memory. So here goes...

*Almost drowning while white-water rafting
*Anguish at going through a divorce
*Jealousy after my sister gave birth to the first grandchild
*Eating strawberries at my grandparents' farm in OH
*The bees hiding out on the strawberries
*My first ride on Montu at Busch Gardens, FL
*Fresh baked zucchini bread made by my grandma
*and her fresh baked rhubarb pie
*The last day of school my first year teaching
*Walking across Jaco Beach at 5 am
*Making the cheerleading squad for the first time
*Making my first scrapbook
*Having to decide who I wanted to live with during my parents' divorce
*Staying up late watching American Movie Classics (AMC)
*Popping paper grocery bags full of popcorn to take to the movie theater to watch the original Star Wars movies
*Jumping off the high dive for the first time
*My first airplane ride
*My first apartment
*Working as the salad bar girl at Wendy's
*My bike being stolen
*Watching news coverage of the Challenger exploding when I was grounded from the TV
*Sledding down the stairs in my sleeping bag
*Touching a dolphin
*Watching Cujo
*Collecting pennies for the statue of Christa McAuliffe
*Winning 3rd place in the school science fair in 5th grade (or was it 6th?)
*Trying to diagram sentences
*Moving right before and during my senior year of high school
*Jeff--my first "real" boyfriend in high school
*My dad making me change my flat tire

Wow! I actually did it! OK--so I kind of explained a couple of them, but I was able to list at least thirty. Now it's your turn. Let me know what you've included on your list!

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