Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's a blustery Saturday Night...

I guess I should start by saying Happy Belated Valentine's Day! Especially to those of you who celebrated by eating a carton of chocolate ice cream and went to bed early. (No, this is not how I celebrated!) Kudos to my beautiful cat, Madison (see picture), who sent me a Valentine's card. (Now I know I should be concerned since she obviously gets out more than I do!)

I decided to do a little research in how Valentine's Day originated, so I went to my trusty computer and visited the World Book Online site. (Yep--those BIG, OLD encyclopedias that you bought for your children back in the stone ages can now be used as door-stops. World Book Online updates weekly.) In any case, here's a link to the actual article about Valentine's Day:

I would like to know which of my friends from Texas sent this chilly weather here to Florida? I moved back here in June to enjoy the sunny days and the warm temps, but a high of 59 is NOT what I consider warm! I guess I should be happy that it's not snowing, but I'm pretty sure it tried to snow last night. The heater was set to turn on if it dropped below 63 in the apartment. It stayed on for most of the evening. I even wore flannel PJ's to stay warm, and Madison called under the covers to sleep because her little ears and feet were freezing as well. (I'm sure someone will have to remind me in a few weeks that I was actually pining for warmer weather, but I REALLY DO NOT like the cold.)

On the sunnier side, I just bought the Fireflight CD (The Healing of Harms) the other day and I love it. They're a local group (if you call Orlando local) that is starting to get more play on the Christian stations like Spirit FM ( They're on a tour this fall, but aren't coming to the Tampa Bay area any time soon. (Bummer!) Check out their MySpace page for more info:
or even their website (although it hasn't been updated recently)

For you scrapbookers out there, this weekend starts the Search for "Scrapbooking Treasure." For more information, go to :
When you stop by Scraptopia in Brandon, ( tell them that I sent you! :) Happy Hunting!


mad4books said...

Ooh...your cat is so cute. (I *hate* most cats so this was hard for me to admit.) She's a gorgeous color and looks so soft--please give her a hug for me.

Stay warm! (lol...59 degrees...HA!)'d better visit PostSecret to see their Valentines before they change at midnight: !

Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

Why thank you! She grumbles a little about the hug--after all, I was messing up her hair. However, she lived. :) Today's high is 58 and the wind is fiercely blowing--kind of like Abilene only with lots more traffic!