Thursday, September 11, 2008

Guess Who I'm Gonna See!

November 14 at the St. Pete Times Forum (or lovingly referred to as the Ice Palace) I'm going to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra!!!!!

In case your head has been buried in the sand since 1996--here's a snippet (from YouTube of course) of Christmas Eve Sarajevo Live. Enjoy!!!


mad4books said...

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra?

I wasn't aware you had been issued an AARP card!

Giggling hysterically,

P.S. My YOUNGER sister actually likes them so you're not THAT old. (Wilford Brimley likes them, too. He listens to their 8-track tapes while he eats his oatmeal.)

Okay, now I'm giggling hysterically again...

windycindy said...

Enjoy! Cindi

The Dynamic Uno said...

Well..I do live in the land of crotchety retirees...I guess it had to rub off sometime. :)

Now I'm giggling...