Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Here's What I've Been Up to...

I cut my hair off right before the school-year started....

THANK YOU CAROL--everyone has LOVED it so far! (She's the one that cut my hair to perfection.) Yay! Now I really can wash and blow dry it as I'm running out the door in the early mornings. :)

School started, so I had to get things ready in the library for the mass of teachers, I mean students, that surged through the doors.

(It kind of looks like my cohort and partner-in-crime is growing out of my head.) :)

My birthday popped up, so we had a boring, I mean quiet, evening at home with pizza, cake, and ice cream.

Left to our own devices for entertainment, my sister and I resorted to making faces and seeing who could make my niece laugh the loudest. I think it was a tie....

I'm not sure what the first face was, but my sister is really good with the whole "Cousin It" image. She pulled all of her hair forward and this is the result.

Here's my fish-face. Yep--bug-eyes and all!

Then, my niece decided to show us her monkey face....

Yep--we had a blast cracking ourselves up. I guess you really had to have been there. Amber--if you're reading this...EYEBALLS!!!!!

The next day, we were invaded by my other sister and niece from Portland, Oregon. They were here to celebrate my other niece's 4th birthday party. While they were here, they managed to go to the local theme park, compliments of my employee tickets, as well as enjoy a day on the boat, a trip to the beach, and a girl's night in with moi! Happy Birthday Aly!

Needless to say, it's been a busy month. Now that I'm back into a semi-normal routine, I hope to blog more frequently. Stay tuned because you never know what's going to show up next!

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