Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday... Me!

Alas, I am another year older and supposedly wiser.  If only I could remember what it is I'm supposed to know.  :)  Oh well--go out and eat lots of cake in honor of me today!  It's calorie-free, I promise!  My favorite type of cake is marble cake--unless you count the chocolate chip cookie cake my dad sent me at work one year.  (That one was pretty good too!)  No matter what type of cake you have, enjoy it!

On a less than sunny note: Tomorrow the students invade and another school year officially starts.  I'm hoping that I have at least a few things ready for when they arrive in the morning.  Since my classroom (the library) is used by everyone, I haven't had two minutes to myself to even figure out what I need to get finished.  Then, we of course, have meetings non-stop, so there's little to no time left to work in our rooms.  AAACCCKKKK!  I feel like Bill the Cat.  Please pray that everyone has a great 1st day!

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mad4books said...

Any blog that wishes Heather a happy birthday AND mentions Bill the Cat (by my all-time favorite cartoonist, Texan Berkeley Breathed!) is all right by me.

Hope it was happy!