Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm Still Here...Barely

Whew!  What a crazy couple of weeks  I feel like I've been run over by a truck.  (Not that I really know what that feels like, but I'm pretty sure it's how I'm feeling right now.) I'm so glad we have tomorrow off because I think I'm going to use the day to sleep.  I've been burning the candle at both ends and it has finally caught up with me.  (Isn't it May already?) 

To catch you up on my life, my birthday was fabulous!  Between my family and friends, we celebrated for quite some time.  My aunt and I went to a wonderful Indian restaurant called Cilantro.  The girls and I had been there before and they have the best food!  (There's also a waiter there that is nice looking too!)  We decided that this restaurant is a "keeper" so we'll definitely be back. :)

My parents, niece, sister, and her fiance went out to Carrabba's after church the Sunday before and had a great meal.  I ordered my new favorite dish--Chicken Bryan.  I love the lemon taste and of course the goat cheese.  I usually get the garlic mashed potatoes because I love garlic too.  (Maybe that's why I'm  not married--too much garlic.) 

The girls actually got away with throwing me a surprise party at work.  My birthday was the day before school started, so the rules are a bit more lax with leaving campus for lunch and errands, etc.  R approached me and asked if I would go with her to Joann's to pick up lettering for her white-board.  S asked me what I was doing for lunch and I told her that I was running "across the street" with R to get letters, so S asked if I would pick up some paper for her to create her mini-posters for her classroom. 

When we returned, S and C had decorated the back office of the library in a Disney Princess theme, completed with pink streamers, etc.  They had even ordered a cake with chocolate ganache in it and a princess on the top.   What's even better is that it hadn't even dawned on me they would do this because we were supposed to get together at my house after school started to continue our movie marathon session and we were going to celebrate then.  It was definitely a great surprise! :)   (Of course there are no pictures because I'm usually the one with the camera.  Sorry.)

The main debate that day was which princess am I?  I have always associated myself with Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) because that's my niece's middle name, but I'd never really thought about which one I resemble. 

Sleeping Beauty Movie

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The girls had a theory and I can completely see how they would come up with Belle as my princess.  I love most things French.  I take care of family matters, and I LOVE to read.  Plus I have brown hair and I deal with beasts (teenagers) all the time. :) 

Beauty And The Beast

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So, from here on out, I'm a Belle.

When the girls and I finally got together this past Thursday for our movie marathon, R and S had bought me a gift.  It was an Oscar the Grouch t-shirt!!  They've said that I've been grouchy lately and that my facial expressions have resembled his, so it was a good fit.  Now, before you think "that's mean" or something similar, you really have to know the whole story.  You see, I instigated the whole thing.  I said I wanted an Oscar the Grouch shirt when we were discussing my mood one day.  We decided that we were going to build a trash-can on the outside of my office wall so that when I lifted my head It would look like Oscar lifting his head out of his trashcan.  (Yes, we have a weird sense of humor.)  That's when I mentioned that I wanted a t-shirt.  Viola!  The girls delivered once  again.

I'm sure this is a copyright violation because it's someone's design, but it's my picture, so there you have it.

Well, it's definitely after my bedtime, so I guess I'd better start my beauty sleep because Tuesday morning will come awfully early. :(

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