Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yay! Let the TV Shows Begin!

I'm really excited that the season premieres are finally starting for all of the TV shows.  Unfortunately, most of the shows come on AFTER I go to bed--which is why I don't normally watch too much TV.  The problem lies in the fact that not all episodes are online, so I can't always  hope to catch up on an entire series that way.

Right now, my favorite show, The Amazing Race is just starting and we're getting introduced to the teams.  Their first stop on the race is London, which is where my brother Adam lives.  From there, they're going to Stonehenge and Eastnor Castle.  I'm soooooo jealous!

I really, really, really, really, really want to be on The Amazing Race, but I can never get it together with someone to get our audition tape in on time.  My dad and I had a great idea when I was a complete vegetarian, but now that I eat some meat we have to go back to the drawing boards.  We also now have to wait until the economy gets better because neither of us can leave our jobs long enough to run the race.  Boooooooo!

What shows are you looking forward to seeing?  Are there any new shows you plan on watching? 

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mad4books said...

GLEE & Community & SNL, baby!!! Not having cable means I don't really have a whole lotta options...which is good for my reading habits.