Monday, September 6, 2010

What a Great Weekend!

I cannot tell you how much I was looking forward to this weekend.  Work has been non-stop because I've had to re-do IDs for the entire school and we (my secretary and I) have been running from 6:30am- 4pm trying to get the classes scheduled for IDs and walk-ins completed.  Thankfully this is the last week of scheduled classes and the students will have to come on their own (before school) if they don't get them this week.

Friday also brought about an interesting personal experience.  Because I've had a lot of health problems lately, I decided to give a 3000 year old ancient practice a try--acupuncture.  Yes, you read that correctly--I decided to try acupuncture.  Yes, I am the same girl who cries and runs from needles when I have to have blood draw or be given a shot.  However, my friend R goes once a month to the Back In Health Wellness Center and swears that her migraines and other issues are gone because of it, so I figured I would give it a try.  After all, what could it hurt? (No pun intended.)

I was really nervous and trying not to cry, but when Dr. Carriecame in, she went over the history of acupuncture and described what would happen.  She did this really neat test where I held on to a metal end and she placed a wet Q-tip on different "energy" spots around ,my body to see where the energy is blocked so she would know where to start with placing the needles.  The best part, it showed that all of my issues I had listed on the paperwork hold merit because those are the areas that were blocked.  Go figure.  (See, I'm not a hypochondriac!)

Before I go any further, I know that many of you are probably very skeptical.  Believe me when I say, I understand.  When she started talking about energy, I started to tune her out, but before that happened she said that energy is actually the electricity that the body produces.  That's how we are able to work our mousepads on our laptops and those smartphones (that I don't have yet).  Once she equated energy with electricity, she had me because I know that that information is true.  The other nice thing is that she started things off slow.  She didn't stab me with needles or anything like that.  She told me that I would feel a little prick and then it was done.  I think the weirdest part was that I had needles sticking out of me for about half an hour.  No, I didn't look because then I would have freaked out on them.  I must admit.  It wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be and I've even made another appointment to go back this week.  Yes, it's expensive because my insurance no longer covers it, but I think I'll be okay--as long as I find my credit card.

After my less than traumatic experience with acupuncture, I met my mom at my apartment and we went to see my niece cheer with the "big" cheerleaders at our football game.  This is from when she went to cheerleading camp this summer and they were showing the crowd what they learned.  We were a bit disappointed because we were told this summer that they would cheer during the game, but I guess regulations would not let that happen, so they were only allowed to cheer during the pre-game.  My niece was also disappointed that they weren't doing their dance that she had been practicing, but overall she did have fun.

They first had to stretch.

Then they could practice.
H watching the "big" cheerleaders during practice.

Group shot before the game.

H cheering with the "big" girls.

H with her "big sis."

H and Nanny cheez'n' for the camera.

Saturday, I had planned on doing laundry and reading a bit, but my mom called and asked if I wanted to go shopping with her. For those of you that know me--I HATE shopping. But, when she mentioned the magic words--bookstore and craft store, I decided to go. Eight hours later, we had gone to the bookstore, lunch at Chili's, the craft store, the new home dec store, the Christian bookstore, and the local bedding store. Thankfully I did get some Christmas shopping done, but whew! I dragged myself out of bed today just to go to church.  The good news is that I got to spend some time with my mom, which doesn't happen very often.

Today at church I met up with a few of my friends that I hadn't seen in awhile.  My friend D is having a book reading at her house in a couple of weeks so she can get some feedback on her young adult novel that she wrote.  She asked me if I would edit it before she sends it off--talk about pressure.  However, I know I'm up to the challenge, and maybe this will help with the job search when it comes time for me to move and start somewhere else.  (Yes, I'm still keeping Nashville on the plate.)

When we went into the sanctuary (the big area where everyone sings and listens to the preacher), a girl I had never met before plops down beside me and starts up a conversation.  J also works for the local theme park and is waiting to see if she gets into grad school in Arizona.  She wants to study Native American Culture--which is the perfect place to do so.  It's pretty cool how God does that--puts random people in our paths so that we can help them in some way.  Because I've worked for BG for eons, I was able to give her some names of contacts there and because I've lived in New Mexico, I was able to relate to her area of study.  Who knows, maybe I've just made a new friend or even a pen pal.

I hope you've had a fabulous weekend and that it turns into a fabulous week for you!

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