Monday, April 9, 2007

Time for Celebration

Today is my lil' sister's birthday--Happy Birthday A! I think I'll call her and sing on her voice mail--I just know she'll appreciate my singing abilities! (HA!HA!) The cutie patootie beside her is my niece H (whom by the way, is the person responsible for my picture on this site. It was a Chuck-E-Cheese outing.)

OK--the real reason why I'm writing today is that I've finished one of the books on my list--Yippee! So, this is where I'll post my reviews:

Missing Abby by Lee Weatherly
I must admit, I knew the ending of the book before I started reading it thanks to my library aide last year. (I was hoping that I'd forget so that I could enjoy the book without trying to hurry through it to see if she was right, but it didn't happen.) Nevertheless, Abby is missing and her former best-friend Emma was the last one to see her alive! Now Emma must re-live their friendship to try and find Abby. Will it work? You'll have to read it and find out! Overall it was a good book-despite the D&D fantasy theme. It reminds teenagers that friendships are important and to treat others kindly--you never know when you might come across that person again and need his/her help.


mad4books said...

Oooh...I liked that one, too. Have you read Higher Power of Lucky yet? Or A Girl Named Zippy?

Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

Not yet. I'll add them to my reading list. I'm reading Queen of Babble right now by Meg Cabot. It's hilarious--although I don't think you want it in a middle school library.