Tuesday, July 31, 2007

August is Tomorrow?!

WHAT HAPPENED TO SUMMER? I go back to work NEXT WEEK...I am SO not ready to go. I had a HUGE "To-Do" list and NOTHING was accomplished on it this summer. For those of you that know me--that is a HUGE problem. I realize that I'm not really "behind" on things since I'm the one that set the deadlines for myself, but now I feel like I have to rush around to try and get them finished anyway. Grrrrrrrr...

To top it off, it's been monsooning here for the past couple of days. I've been working at the farm again--I know...we thought we were finished too, unfortunately...not just yet. Yesterday I ended up with a sun-burn--even with 50 SPF sun-block on! Today however, we started working in a light drizzle which cleared up just enough for us to be inundated with the muggy humidity and mosquitoes. Then, an hour later the monsoon began again and we had to eventually pack things up and go because we couldn't work with the lightening flashing all around us. This means we have to go back....Friday. (So much for my new pedicure staying decent before I go back to work.) Oh well--it's only paint.

Saturday is my niece Alysha's birthday party at The Florida Aquarium! She's going to be the big 3 this year, and is traveling all the way from Washington State to celebrate. I would post a picture of the cutie, but I don't have any. Hmmmm...I'm gonna have to email her mommy about that problem.

Things have been crazy as usual around here. The exciting news is that I FINALLY have some place to sit down besides my dining room table or my computer chair! Since my Aunt decided to move in with my Grandparents (her parents) this past weekend, my Grandmother had to get rid of her double recliner in her "office" to make room for my Aunt's stuff. Yippee! I inherited the recliner!!!!!! (Pictures to come later.)

This is the first time in the past six years that I've actually had something resembling a couch! (Madison is excited too--only she seems to think it's large scratching post---she REALLY hates me right now because I've been using the spray water bottle each time she digs a claw into the recliner.)

Since I live in a shoebox at the present, I have to climb over it to get to the kitchen. (Maybe that's not a problem after all....) We'll be having a garage sale on August 25 at my parent's house so that I can hopefully get rid of some things (crafts, furniture, clothing, etc.) to make a little room in here. I know my Mom is going to add some things, as well as a friend of my Dad's who is going to have electronic items there as well.
If you're interested or curious about any of the items--let me know between now and then and I can tell you what I'll have available.

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