Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Don't Mind Me.....

I'm just enjoying the couple of days I have off since we've finished the emitters at pH-Farms.All of the rows are straight in all directions....thanks to the work of wooden stakes and string running each distance. Check out the pics!

They're straight....


Even Diagonal!

Here's me working...Yes, I actually work! (Check out the farmer's tan!)

Hey! Who put that picture in here?!

You'll have to wait for the group shot pic--as soon as "el jefe" sends it (hint...hint).... I'll post it for you.

In other news....

I hope you have a wonderful July 4th! The skies were yucky and rain-filled for most of the day, but the evening was perfect for the fireworks that were being set off. I had planned on going to one of the big events in Tampa, but ended up going to my grandmother's house for a late-afternoon lunch instead. By the time I arrived back at my place, Madison and I decided to sit down in the living room floor and watch the fireworks being blasted over the Alafia River. (I actually think this was the best decision--no crowds, no bugs, and no clean-up! Unfortunately, it also meant no pictures.)

THE NEW HARRY POTTER MOVIE (HP AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX) comes out tonight (ok-technically it's tomorrow) after midnight!!!!! I've been debating for days over whether or not I should go to the midnight showing of the movie. (In all honesty, it was all I could do to finish the book because it was so dark in nature. Don't get me wrong, it turned out to be one of the most significant books published in the series, but it was a little dry for my tastes.) I guess my main concern is that I might doze off because of the late hour, which would be utterly mortifying! I'm also concerned because my friend April will probably KILL ME if I see the movie before she does...although there are a few she's seen without me....hmmmmmm... I'm also concerned about K-I-D-S....you know, those little buggers will pack the theatres and I really don't like to sit around people when I watch a movie. It ruins the whole experience for me because I'm constantly focusing on the people around me instead of the movie. Ack! Maybe I should wait until next week to see it....although my inner twelve-year-old is stomping her feet and yelling..."but I want to go NOW!" See...KIDS...YUCK!

Although I haven't posted my recently read books along the border, I have been reading some amazing books....

Demon Angel by Meljean Brook

This is the book that I won in her contest a few months ago, but haven't sat down long enough to read it yet. (I know....bad D. U.!) The real reason is because I started reading a couple pages and realized that it was historical, which meant I actually had to concentrate so that I wouldn't forget the details...something I don't want to do the first couple of weeks out of work.

However, I picked it back up last night and it is SO GOOD! The historical part doesn't last long before the characters are brought to modern times (i.e., May 2007). I don't want to say too much because it will give some of the action away, but just imagine Hugh (yep--the yummy angel on the front) as your Guardian Angel and you can imagine my attraction to the book. Lilith (is a demon--Lucifer's child) is the seductive sin that gets "man" into trouble. You can imagine the clashes that these two have until Hugh finally ends things once and for all...or so he thought....

I fell asleep in my comfy chair reading last night because I didn't want to put the book down. I already have DEMON MOON on the night stand so that I can read about Colin--the vampire! (He's actually in DEMON ANGEL too.)

Bang by Sharon G. Flake

Wow! What a gripping story. Mann's little brother Jason was murdered on their doorstep several years ago, when a man with a gun was running after another man from the neighborhood and shot both of them. Mann's family must learn to live without Jason, but suffer from many pitfalls along the way. Many other young black men are getting killed in the same neighborhood and Mann's parent's fear for hi sown safety in the neighborhood. Read (or listen) to see what they do to try and protect him.

Fair Game by Elizabeth White

Very cute Christian Romance! Jana Cutree returns home to Mississippi with her two active children in tow-searching for some serenity and hoping to open a Wildlife Rescue Center on the land her grandfather once offered her. Grant Gonzales, Jana's high school crush, unintentionally runs into Jana her first day back in town, after Jana hits a loose cow with her car, and her son finds an injured fawn in the woods. He's hoping to open a Hunting Camp as soon as the deal goes through and Jana's grandfather signs his land over to Grant. What do you get when you cross a all-male hunter and a vegetarian veterinarian? Read this delightful book to find out!

Midnight Sea by Colleen Coble

Book Four of the Aloha Series, tells us the story of Lelani (Lani) Tagama as she helps her "hippie" aunt on the Kona Plantation. Unfortunately, Lani gets caught in the middle of a smuggling ring and ends of losing her sight--right at the beggining of harvest season! Will she be able to identify the smugglers? How will she learn to cope with her loss of sight? Will her sight return before she is harmed? Read this exciting conclusion to find out what becomes of Lani, her aunt, and the Kona Plantation.

Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz

Yes! Another vampire book! Young Blue Bloods' lives are starting to be snuffed out around Manhattan and people are starting to get nervous. You see, the Blue Bloods are vampires, so they can never die unless their blood is completely drained from their bodies, which is what has been happening to the up-and-coming socialites. "The Silver Bloods are back!" is the rumor that is going around, but few believe the rumors until more Blue Blood deaths start happening.

I must admit, this first book is a little slow until about halfway through when the action starts taking place. I couldn't wait for the second one to come out because I just had to find out what happened next! This book is a cross between vampires and the Gossip Girls. If you like either one, you'll LOVE this series!

Blue Bloods: Masquerade by Melissa De La Cruz

Page One had me hooked as I continued to devour (no pun intended) the book's pages. Continuing along with the drama from book one, the Blue Bloods are trying to track down who among them might be a Silver Blood. Meanwhile, we learn more about the family connections between the characters as more and more revealations are made about parentage.

Book Two is better than book one and I hope book three comes out soon so I can find out if my assumptions are correct. However, I have a feeling that this series may drag on longer than necessary, just as the Gossip Girls series did. Bummer!

You're probably wondering why I have the links to Amazon in my blog....I have applied to become an Associate of Amazon so that I can earn gift certificates to use there. If you use the links posted in my blog, or search for items at the top right, and purchase items through these links, I get a percentage from the orders. There are different ways to sign up for the perccentages, but I'm asking for gift certificates so that I can order more books (of course)! (Hopefully I've explained this correctly--there's a lot of lawyer-gobbledy-goop that you have to read through when you sign up.) Now, this doesn't mean that I work for the company, I'm justy volunteering my space so that if someone happens to take me up on the offer and orders items, then I can reap a few benefits. So, by all means, order away....! :)


mad4books said...

*Look how brown you get in the summer! (I'm jealous...even though I know it's bad for you and my family members are Melanoma Poster Children.)

*Look how many books you read! (I'm jealous. Life keeps sidetracking me from reading, and it's makin' me mad...)

Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

I usually burn and peel, so turning an different shade is rather unusual for me...of course I hardly see daylight under "normal" circumstances, which is probably the case. I've been using 50 SPF but it does tend to wash off when the emitters spray you in the face over and over again. Oh well.

I'm a little behind on my reading, so I'm upset about that, but life happens...I'm just trying to go with the flow.

sybil said...

Demon Angel and Demon Moon are soooooo good! Glad you finally read them *g*.

She also has a novella in Wild Thing along with a few other great authors. Just saying ;)

Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

Both books were really good. I'll have to look for Wild Thing tonight while I'm at Borders. Thanks for stopping by...I lurk your blog quite frequently! :)