Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Calling All Writers!

Here's the story...one of my friends is writing Christian screenplays and knows that this is God's calling for her life. (Even Jim Caviezal--who is in the movie business had a word for her about her writing!) She's entered some into contests and taken various rejections and or prizes, but she doesn't know where to go next to get them possibly published/televised/made into a production. HELP???

This is where you all come in--what does she need to do now? Who does she need to contact? Any suggestions for getting Christian screenplays produced? I figured as writers you all would know the scoop better than I do as a mere reader. Please, let me know--email me offline if you don't want your information published, but any advice would be wonderful. She's just getting started in the whole screenplay aspect. Meanwhile, she writes short stories and journal articles that's she's trying to get published as well. (Any help there would be appreciated as well!)

As I said, any information would be wonderful. I figured, I'd ask you all for help since you have such a wide wealth of knowledge. Thank you in advance and please pray for DM as she starts to follow God's leading in her life. (I know it's a scary step for her.)

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