Monday, December 8, 2008

Faculty Meeting Tomorrow

I must admit--I don't usually mind faculty meetings. It's a chance for me to see my friends that I don't always get to see since I'm usually in the library. However, our faculty meeting tomorrow is of a different caliber. There's a new school opening next year that supposed to help relieve our overcrowded school. (It actually involves two other schools, but they're not going to be hit quite as hard as we are in relation to students leaving campus. ) Since we'll be losing students, that means we'll be losing teachers too--and that means my job is on the line.

With a school district cutting back more and more, and cutbacks going so far as to leave one Media Specialist in the libraries, we've been fortunate to have been blessed with two of us. (After all, we have about 3000 students and over 200 teachers, so you would think it's a no-brainer, but our school district has no idea what brains are. We're the ones in the national news for teachers sleeping with their students. Helloooooo? Background check anyone?) However, the district just decided that they need to cut back another 56 million dollars (has our superintendent ever considered taking a pay cut--after all, we've had to do it and we actually work in the trenches. Even if she were to make half of what she makes now, she'd make triple what teachers make...but that's another story.) and I think that means we'll be cut to one librarian. :(

Our faculty meeting tomorrow is to discuss how the new school is going to impact our numbers. Quite frankly, I'm already privy to that information from going to Department Head meetings; I want to know who the new principal is going to be so I know whether or not I need to fight for a job elsewhere. I'm actually hopefully that our principal stays put and that Mary and I get to keep working together until she retires in 3 years. But, if our principal is tapped to go to the new school, then we may be in trouble.

The official results come out in February, so we have a few more months of waiting before the district finishes jerking us around. Then, I can actually start looking for apartments since I'll know where I'm working. (The bummer is that all the deals are happening right now. I mean $485 for an apartment that's usually $700--come on!) Anyone interested in helping me move--let me know. I'd rather not have to hire another moving company, but if I have to, I will.
I'll keep you posted on the drama....


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