Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Maybe not so much weather-wise, but in spirit, Christmas is almost here! FIVE MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL!!!!!! And then I'm free from children for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!!! I'm not sure who is more excited--the children or the teachers. :) Thankfully, four of the days this week are exams, which means the students are only there for half of a day. The other half of the day, teachers will be in the library trying to get their county-mandated exams scored by our crazy Scantron machines that only work about 60% of the time. With 200 teachers--trying to get 6 exams each graded--well, you can do they math. I HATE having to help grade the exams. The teachers make comments like: " Well, we only have to do this a couple times a year." (Like I actually stand there all year and help grade exams. Um, no. ) Then, we also have teachers trying to leave their exams and have me grade them. Um--not when the scores are tied into the teachers receiving money for the number of kids that pass. I DON'T THINK SO!!! They'll sit their happy selves in the chair and do it themselves--especially since they'll try to blame me if they mess up scoring their exams with this scanning system. Yep--it's beginning to look like Christmas alright.

Update on job situation: They announced the new principal at the new school--it's not our current principal--Yay! However, the principal is from a neighboring school and she may be taking one of her Media Specialists with her (unless she is forced to take one of us from my current school). So, the question still remains--do I get to stay, or do I have to go? My cohort and I are going to meet with our principal tomorrow and try to find out what he's been told. Our sources tell us that there will only be one Media Specialist at each school next year, but hopefully he'll do something to keep both of us. Even if it is only on paper. Keep praying! Only 5 more days!!!!!

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