Tuesday, December 4, 2007

First Time

There's a first time for everything and this year it's the first time I've ever put up a Christmas tree on my own! Seriously! Usually I decide not to decorate because I'm never home for the holidays. (Since I'm single, I'm the one that has to drive to everyone else's house to celebrate, and by the time I'm home, it's time to go back to work, so I haven't bothered.)

It's a bit of a Charlie Brown tree, but I did manage to get it put together without too many mishaps.

In any case, Madison decided that she was going to help with the tree too. Of course her version of helping is completely different from mine...

I foresee a trip to the Emergency Vet Clinic in our future!

While Madison helped with the tree, I ended up using 2 full strands of 200 lights (400 all together), and I've only covered one-third of the tree! I guess another trip to Walmart is in store. (No pun intended.)

I'm really excited about the Christmas season this year. I have no idea what the change is, but I feel like a little kid--almost giddy because Christmas is coming!

Speaking of which..."Rudolph" just came on, so I'm going to say bye for now so I can snuggle with Madison and watch! (Actually, she's already started watching it and is fascinated by the "deer".)

Happy Tuesday!

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