Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm trying...

really hard to remain calm, cool, and collected, but it's getting really hard. "Why"? you ask. Because tomorrow....

I'm going to DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I know--I live in Florida, but still, my aunt and I are going and she's never really been there. We'll be there through New Years (part of our annual single girl's retreat somewhere fun so we don't mope about not having husbands)! I hope I can sleep tonight. I know my aunt is just as excited because we were talking on the phone earlier today and she was cleaning the house (same thing I was doing) to pass the time.

Have a wonderful New Year--and be careful with those fireworks!


Literary Feline said...

Oh! I hope you have a good time!

mad4books said...

Have fun! My ACU roomie was from Fountain Valley, California and had so much fun taking me to Disney'd have thought she'd have been SICK of it, but it was new once again when she got to show it to The Uninitiated!

As for being tempted to mope because you don't have have lost your ever-lovin' minds! This is my first Christmas in ages without one, and I couldn't be more tickled!!!!

Free, free, FREE,
Your pal in TEXAS