Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Funny Story

I forgot to mention my funny story of the day:

I have a pair of brown corduroy pants that I love to death--even though they're starting to get holes in them. This morning, since someone decided that it needed to be 40 degrees in Florida, I decided to wear them to work. As students were working on their exams in the library, I was in the back working on getting paperwork and shelving finished before Christmas. As I was shelving some of the videos, I bent down, and...that's right...you guessed it...my pants split in two, right in the middle! Talk about being horrified! Thankfully there's a restroom in our back office, so I ran in there to check out the damage. Thankfully it wasn't as noticeable or as large as I imagined, but still...I was at work and couldn't go home! All I have to say is thank God for dark undies!


Literary Feline said...

Yikes! I am glad it wasn't a worse tear. :-S

Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

Me too! Thank goodness we have a lax dress code--I really appreciated it that day! :)

mad4books said...

HA! I would have laughed and laughed if I'd seen you do this!

(By the way, this is the reason there's a yucky pair of old khakis I hate in my closet at work...just in case I ever have a Shelving Event like yours!)