Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday already?

It's been a semi-productive weekend. Friday night I FINALLY went out and bought more lights for the tree and finished putting them on. If I counted correctly, my tree is now the bearer of 1200 colored lights! My mom gave me an angel to put on top, so I managed to get her situated so that she wouldn't fall off--that was quite an adventure in itself. Nevertheless, I persevered. My only problem is, do I now hang my ornaments, or do I just leave it as a lighted tree? I kind of like the effect of lights only, but then I also keep thinking how this is my first year to put up a tree, so shouldn't I decorate it completely? (Of course then I have an even longer clean-up...) Let me know what you think. This picture isn't the greatest, but it does show the lights...

Saturday I had to take my car into the shop to get my tires rotated and balanced and to figure out why the check engine light is on. I don't even remember what all they did to the car, but it ended up costing me $400--again! No wonder I can't afford to make car payments! Just about the time I start getting some space cleared off my credit card, my car goes into the shop again and it's filled back up. I'm really frustrated right now--it's like the mechanics see me a mile away--and this is the cheap place! Maybe I should invest in a moped--at least then it wouldn't break down as much--hopefully!

After sitting at the mechanic's for half the day, I decided to brave the traffic and try to finish my Christmas shopping. I think I have just about everything now--with the exception of 3 people. It's going to be a slim Christmas this year. There are about 7 extra people that I had to buy for this year that I hadn't planned on, so instead of making all of my gift like I had planned, I'm now investing in gift cards. Thankfully our local grocery stores are now carrying gift cards for various places, which has made shopping MUCH easier! Now, I just have to figure out how to wrap everything--YUCK!

Today I am attending church services online. I actually enjoy this more because I can attend in my PJ's and no one but God and I (and now you) know about it. Well, services are about to start, I can here the music playing on the other screen. Have a wonderful day!

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